Gellowen Science is the supplier of the old brand standard equipments providing products covering multi-industries.

Gellowen Science enjoys high-level world-renowned reputation and has built strategic cooperation relationship with many multinational corporation.

Meanwhile, our company is also engaged in developing for testing equipments of many fields, especially we provide customized equipments for our customers. We have talented people in researching, developing, designing and producing software and hardware to provide testing equipments with high quality, stable testing procedures and highly intelligent.

The testing equipments we supplied cover production, teaching, researching, quality inspection etc. and the products are according with standards in differrent regions and countries including EN, ISO, BS. The equipments we supplied are in leading position in many fields.

We also devote ourselves to the fields of products quality and personal security protection. In recent 10 years, we focus our efforts on various kinds of new demands and researching and developing new trend, making a good example for social protection and service.

Our company experiences three stages of developments: at the beginning of the foundation, we were mainly engaged in supplying products quality testing equipments for manufacturing enterprises; Second stage, due to the developing of burgeoning industries, our company began to supply non-standard testing equipments for leading industries; In the recent 10 years our company has integrated many businesses to provide diversifying intimate service.