RH- EN149 Automatic Mask Respiratory Resistance Tester Introduction

RH-EN149Mask Respiratory Resistance Tester is suitable for measuring the inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance of respirators and masks under the specified conditions, and for the relevant testing and inspection of common mask products by manufacturers of national labor protective equipment inspection agencies. The instrument uses new technology, fully automatic test without external air source, test without additional manual adjustment of the instrument, put on the test sample and press the test button 10 ~ 20s can simultaneously detect the inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance and display the test results. The internal sensor of the instrument is a high-precision digital sensor from SMI, which ensures the accuracy of the test results. The instrument is equipped with a thermal printer to print the test results.

Comply with the standard:

GB/T 32610-2016, GB 2626, BSEN149

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Technical parameters:

Exhalation speed: 30 ~ 160L/min (automatically adjustable); precision: 1% inhalation speed: 30 ~ 160L/min (automatically adjustable); precision: 1% digital differential pressure measurement range: -1000Pa ~ 1000Pa; precision: 1Pa unit: Pa, mbar

Test time: fully automatic test 10 ~ 20s printer: micro thermal printing

Dimensions: 500 × 450 × 1090mm weight: about 62kg

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz 650W

Testing method:

Check the airtightness and working condition of the testing device. Set the inhalation speed and exhalation speed to the required standard speed. According to the national standard GB/T 32610-2016 test exhalation speed and inhalation speed should be set to 85L/min. according to BSEN149 standard test exhalation speed is set to 160L/min inhalation speed is set to 30L/min,95Lmin.

Take appropriate measures (such as the use of sealant), the sample to be tested in an airtight manner worn on a matching test head mold, should ensure that the mask is worn in the correct position, fixed in a way that does not affect the effective ventilation area of the filter element, and should not deform the mask. Press the test button, the instrument will automatically start the test and simultaneously measure the inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance and display, the test time is about 10~20s.

Product features:

Fully automatic test. It only takes 10~20s to measure the expiratory resistance and inspiratory resistance at the same time. The use of high-precision digital sensors (precision 1%) of the United States SMI company to ensure the measurement accuracy of high-precision airflow control module, fully automatic adjustment, no manual operation. Ensure the accuracy of expiratory speed and pumping speed (accuracy 1%)

Touch screen control, Chinese and English menu, man-machine dialogue mode, convenient operation Built-in thermal printer, convenient to print test results quickly on site

Standard human head model, simulating real human inhalation and exhalation, improving data accuracy.

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