Which machine is used to determine rubbing fastness?

The machine commonly used to determine rubbing fastness in textiles is called a "Crockmeter" or a "Gyrowash tester." The Crockmeter is specifically designed to assess the colorfastness of dyed or printed textiles against rubbing or crocking. It measures the amount of color transfer or staining that occurs when a standardized rubbing motion is applied to the fabric surface.

Colour Fastness Test.jpg

The Crockmeter consists of a rubbing finger made of a specified material, such as a cotton fabric, which is attached to a mechanical arm. The fabric to be tested is clamped onto a stationary platform, and the rubbing finger moves back and forth over the fabric in a controlled manner. The number of rubs applied and the pressure exerted can be adjusted according to the testing standards or requirements.

During the rubbing process, any color transfer or staining on the rubbing finger or the fabric being tested is visually assessed. A grading scale is often used to evaluate the level of colorfastness, ranging from poor to excellent. This testing method helps determine the fabric's ability to resist color transfer during normal wear or use and provides valuable information about its durability and quality.