The European Union’s introduction of EN 71-3 toy standards is of great significance to the toy industry

The toy safety standard EN 71-3 issued by the European Union is of great significance to the toy industry. This standard mainly stipulates the types of hazardous substances allowed to be contained in toys and the limits of their content, which is an important guarantee to ensure the safety of toys.

Firstly, the publication of the EN 71-3 standard provides toy manufacturers and suppliers with clear guidelines for the production and sale of toys. The standard specifies methods and criteria for testing and evaluating the chemical composition of toys, enabling different toy manufacturers to follow the same standards for testing, thus better protecting children's safety and health.

Secondly, updates to the standard continue to advance safety standards in the toy industry. Whenever a new chemical hazardous substance is introduced, the EN 71-3 standard evaluates its content and updates the relevant clauses in the standard at any time. This dynamic regulatory process ensures the safety and stability of the toy market to a certain extent.

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Again, the EN 71-3 standard also plays a key role in monitoring the safety of imported toys. Governments in foreign trade will generally be mandatory inspection of toy products to ensure the safety and compliance of imported toys. The criteria for hazardous substances not permitted in toys under the EN 71-3 standard are also included in international standards, which also helps governments to improve efficiency and accuracy in the inspection process of imported toys.

In addition, the EN 71-3 standard also promotes the technical development of the toy industry. The test methods and limit values specified in the standard provide technical support to testing organisations and toy companies. Through the use of new, more advanced and more accurate testing methods, toy manufacturers can better grasp the detection and restriction of hazardous substances.

In conclusion, the EN 71-3 standard is of great significance to the toy industry. It not only helps to protect children's health and safety, but also advances the safety technology level of the toy industry and promotes the transparent and orderly development of international trade in toys. As consumers and parents, they should pay enough attention and choose toys that comply with the standard so as to better protect the safety and health of children.