How to Use a Face Mask Flame Retardant Tester: Step-by-Step Guide

The face mask flame retardant tester is a device that measures the flame retardancy of face masks or other face protection devices. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the face mask flame retardant tester:


1. Read the instruction manual: It is very important to read through the instruction manual to understand the operation and safety precautions before starting to use the device. Ensure that you have fully understood all requirements and procedures before switching on the equipment.

2. Check the tester: Before using the appliance, carry out a thorough check of the appliance to ensure that all components such as burners, time control system, etc. are in good condition.

3. Calibrate: Calibrating the equipment is a critical step that ensures the accuracy of the test results. Perform the calibration according to the operation manual.

Test Phase

4. Configure the sample: Remove the parts of the mask that are suitable for making a sample from the mask being tested (usually including the mask body and the strap), avoiding the printed and seamed parts. The number and size of units should be prepared according to the specific test criteria.

5. Load Sample: Attach the mask samples to the flame-retardant test set to ensure that they are correctly fitted in the proper position.

Execution Stage

6. Setting the test conditions: Set the flame height and burn time. This parameter may vary depending on the standard and the sample of mask.

Mask & Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester2.jpg

7. Start the test: Once all parameters have been set, the unit can be started for testing. Remember that all safety procedures should be strictly adhered to throughout the testing process.

Analysis phase

8. Record and analyse the results: Observe and record the changes in the mask sample in the presence of flame. Record the time from sparking, smoke, burning to combustion and note any melting or explosion.

9. Repeat testing to confirm results: To ensure accuracy and consistency of testing, samples should be tested several times. This also helps to eliminate any potential interference or errors.

In this way, you can use the face mask flame retardant tester to conduct accurate tests to assess the flame retardant properties of the mask, which is very important for the safety and functionality of the mask.