ASTM D 2863 Plastics Elevated-Temperature Loi Testing Equipment Oxygen Index Tester


ASTM D 2863 Plastics Elevated-Temperature LOI Testing Equipment is designed according to ISO4589.1-2006, it applies to the analysis of the minimum oxygen  concentration needed to maintain combustion of the sample when the sample is under the test conditions specified in oxygen and nitrogen mixed gas;

This testing equipment is installed with an England import Oxygen sensor, and automatic control of the Oxygen and nitrogen flow with a mass flow control meter. It is very easy and quick to operate. Used from evaluating homogeneity of solid materials, laminates, foam, film, and thin film in the specified conditions of flammability. 


LOI(Limited Oxygen Index tester) :

measures minimum oxygen concentration as necessary when specimen combustion. This equipment's oxygen analyzer is adapted Paramagnetic Type which has a precise, long life, less error rate, and high reliability.


TOI (Temperature Oxygen Index Tester) :

measures the temperature index of the specimen by heated mixing gases at temperatures up to 400ºC in the atmospheric oxygen concentration. According to ISO 4589-3, high temperature is the best factor to assess the combustibility of materials better than the Oxygen Index. 



* Building Materials

* Wire & Cable

* Upholstered Furniture

* Other


International standards:

ASTM D 2863Standard Test Method for Measuring the Minimum Oxygen Concentration to Support Candle-Like Combustion of Plastics (Oxygen Index)
ISO 4589-2Plastics - Determination of burning behavior by oxygen index - Part 2: Ambient- temperature test
 ISO 4589-3Plastics - Determination of burning behavior by oxygen index - Part 3: Elevated-temperature test



1. Paramagnetic Cell to measure exact oxygen concentration.

2. Auto & Manual mode (Select control and analysis by a personal computer or user).

3. Automatic Mass Flow Controller.

4. Precision display window on the software to facilitate easy reading of oxygen concentrations.

5. Specimen Holder facilitating separation and attachment of test sample.

6. Sample support suited to hard or smooth samples.

7. Shortest gas route to fast indicate test results.

8. DAQ System designed to display all test results to exactly match with each standard (It can be made stronger measuring and more correct & fine test result and also more powerful repeatable performance).

9. Footswitch controller to easily control the DAQ System.

10. Simple and compact design.

11. Portable ignition fixture with a precise needle valve controls the ignition flame height easily.

12. The oxygen concentration measurement range is 0 to 100%.