Nonwoven thickness gauging instrument standards aggregate

The nonwoven thickness gauging instrument is a device used to measure the thickness of nonwoven materials. Its performance and accuracy are important for the evaluation of product quality. The following are some of the standards related to nonwoven thickness gauging instrument:

1. astm d5729 - 19

-Standard: ASTM D5729 - 19 Standard Test Method for Thickness of Nonwoven Fabrics

-Explanation: This standard specifies procedures for measuring the thickness of nonwoven fabrics using the Mechanical Touch Method. It provides specifications for test equipment and test procedures to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the test.

2. iso 9073-2:2017

-Standard: ISO 9073-2:2017 Textiles -- Test methods for nonwovens -- Part 2: Determination of thickness

-Interpretation: This International Standard specifies methods for measuring the thickness of nonwovens, which include the mechanical feeler method and the thickness gauge method. It is applicable to different types of nonwoven materials and provides consistent test methods for comparison and evaluation on a global basis.

3. GB/T 24218.5-2009

-Standard: GB/T 24218.5-2009 Test methods for nonwoven fabrics Part 5: Thickness

-Explanation: This Chinese national standard specifies a test method for measuring the thickness of nonwoven fabrics. It describes in detail the requirements for test equipment and test procedures to ensure consistency and comparability in the production and testing of nonwoven fabrics within China.

4. inda/edana 120.1

-Standard: Test Method 120.1: Thickness of Nonwovens

-Interpretation: A standard developed jointly by INDA (Nonwovens and Technical Products Association of America) and EDANA (European Association for Nonwovens and Allied Industries) to provide a consistent method of testing the thickness of nonwovens for manufacturers and testing laboratories on a worldwide basis.

5. JIS L 1904

-Standard: JIS L 1904 Testing methods for nonwovens

-Explanation: This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies testing methods for nonwovens, including procedures for measuring thickness. It ensures that nonwoven products manufactured within Japan conform to a consistent test standard.


These standards provide manufacturers, testing laboratories and quality control departments with consistent test methods to ensure accuracy and comparability of nonwoven thickness testing. Manufacturers and related industries can select the applicable standards based on the regions in which they operate to ensure that their products meet international and domestic quality requirements.