Dry Cleaning And Washing Cylinder


  AATCC 162, 16 CFR Part 1610


  Dry Cleaning and Washing Cylinder is used to determine color fastness to dry cleaning and chlorinated pool water, to prepare samples for flammability testing.

  Product Information:

  The tester is comprised of stainless steel rotating test chamber with capacity of 7650ml, support, variable speed drive with digital timer and displays.

  Technical Parameters:

  Equipped with stainless steel rotating roller

  Height of tank: 330mm

  Diameter of in-tank: 220mm

  Speed can adjust according to customer's requirements

  Overall size: 720×490×620mm(L×W×H)

  With digital timer and displays

  Weight: 98kg


  1. In dry cleaning test, the instrument should be placed in the fume hood (using toxic solvent of tetrachloroethylene).

  2. The operators need to wear gas masks and protective gloves.

  3. Carefully handling the recycling liquid, sending to the waste recycling for suggestion.