Zipper Testing Machine of Reciprocating Pull


  QB/T 2171/2172/2173, BS 3084, AS 2332, NF G91-005, JIS S3015, DIN 3419-1, SATRA TM50


  The machine is used to determine the zipper in the tension function of transverse and longitudinal that can sustain the specified number of reciprocating pulling operation. In the test, the machine drives the zipper pull head to conduct reciprocating isokinetic movement for 30 times per minute, up to the specified number.

  Product Information:

  Technical Parameters:

  Reciprocating stroke: 75mm;

  Width of horizontal clamping device: 25mm;

  Weight of longitudinal clamping device: 0.28~0.34kg;

  Electronic counter: LCD, 0~999,999;

  Volume: 54× 33 × 66cm;

  Power: 1∮,AC220V,3A