Scorch/Sublimation Tester


  ISO 105 X11/P01, BS 1006, AATCC 92/114/117/133, GB/T 5718/6152, DIN 54022/54060, JIS L0879/L0850


  Scorch/Sublimation Tester is used in the laboratory to evaluate color fastness to dry heat, hot pressing and sublimation, as well as thermal stability. Scorch/Sublimation Tester can perform color fastness test of fabric, chlorine damaged test(resin finishing fabric), yellowing test of bleached fabric, sublimation fastness test of disperse dye, Hot water fastness test of reactive dye.

  Product Information:

  To determine color fastness and shrinkage to hot pressing and dry heat and to conduct sublimation tests. Providing controlled conditions of dry heat and pressure with top and bottom heated surfaces, electronic temperature controller and carefully controlled top plate weight. Two plate size options are available. Temperature range 120-230℃. Temperature of top and bottom plates individually controlled.

  Technical Parameters:

  A. Thermaplate: W100×D40mm, Aluminum (same in up and bottom)

  B. Temperature control: independent digital timers with the minimum display of 1℃(one with each of top and bottom plates, respectively)

  C. A pre-settable digital timer is activated automatically when the top plate is closed

  D. Maximum temperature: 250℃

  E. Thermaplate pressure: 4±1 kPa(40cm2)

  F. Heater: cartridge heater with 100V, 150W(one with each of top and bottom plates, respectively)

  G. Outline Dimension: W250×D300×H230mm