Steaming Cylinder


  ISO 3005, BS 4323, NEXT TM 15, M&S P8, IWTO 29-76


  Used for steaming shrinkage test of fabric, meanwhile can perform reproducibility measurement for shrink components that is produced in the process of fabric shrinkage.

  Product Information:

  Steaming Cylinder determines the shrinkage of unstressed fabric samples subjected to steaming in a closed chamber with its integral steam generator. Provided with a stainless steel fabric supporting frame to accommodate 4 samples and an automatic timer. The Steaming Stability Template is suitable to measure relaxation shrinkage of testing fabrics using with steaming cylinders, and is used to mark the fabrics before testing using a benchmark of 250mm and to read shrinkage directly in percentage after testing.

  Technical Parameters:

  1. Provided with a stainless steel fabric supporting frame;

  2. 4 samples to test simultaneously;

  3. With automatic timer;

  4. With integral steam generator, no auxiliary steam generating plant needed;

  5. With the Steaming Stability Template.

  Optional accessories:

  Steaming Stability Template

  Indelible Marking Pens of yellow