High temperature limitingoxygen index tester

F248A High temperature limiting oxygen index tester ,It refers to the volume fraction concentration of oxygen in a mixed gas of oxygen and nitrogen when it can just barely support its combustion, which is the index that characterizes the combustion behavior of the material. As people's requirements for material properties are getting higher and higher, the field of material application is becoming wider and wider,and the test conditions for the difficulty of burning materials are becoming more and more demanding.
The high temperature limit oxygen index tester is mainly used to test the difficult degree of burning materials under high temperature conditions, and to control the quality of products by testing the burning performance of materials.

1.The high temperature limit oxygen index tester is used to test the limiting oxygen index of solid materials in various working conditions above normal temperature such as textiles, plastics, laminates,foams, film negative and membranes, which can be used for evaluation of combustion performance under specified conditions, so as to guide the research&development of material, provide data basis for product acceptance, and provide data basis for the research&development of new material,product quality acceptance and so on.
2.The test sample is vertically fixed in a test tube that is transparently heated, in which the upward flowing oxygen and nitrogen mixed gas, igniting the top of the sample, observing the combustion characteristics of the test sample, and comparing with the time of sample continuously burning,combustion time, and the given limit value. The minimum oxygen depth value expressed as a percentage content of oxygen at the time of combustion is measured by series of tests at different oxygen concentrations.

Standards compliant
ISO 4589.3 plastics - determination of combustion behaviour by oxygen index - high temperature test;
NES 715 small sample material oxygen index determination -high temperature test can also be used at room temperature test;
GB/T 2406.2 determination of combustion behavior of plastics by oxygen index method;
ISO 4589.2 plastics - determination of combustion behaviour by oxygen index method;
GB/T 5454-1997 Combustion performance test of textiles - oxygen index method;
ASTM D2863 plastics oxygen index test standard;
NES 714 small sample material determination of oxygen index;
GB/T 10707 rubber - determination of combustion properties - oxygen index method;
GB/T 8924 fiber reinforced plastics -- test method for combustion properties -- oxygen index .

Technical Parameters
Panel operation: full color touch screen control
Language: Chinese and English operation interface
Stainless steel beads: Φ4mm, height 80-100mm
The inner diameter of the pilot burner:2mm
Pilot burner length:400mm
Air inlet:7mm
Oxygen concentration control range:0~100% ,±0.5%
Supply pressure:≤1MPa
Test air pressure:0.15-0.2MPa
Test gas flow rate:12.1L/min
Test temperature range: room temperature -200℃
Response time:10S
Test cylinder heating power:1000W
Power supply:700mm* 430 mm* 770 mm
Power supply:220V 50Hz
Test cylinder: heat-resistant high borosilicate,
inner diameter of inner cylinder≥75mm;
height ≥550mm, inner and outer cylinder gap 5-10mm