Digital Thickness Tester

Digital Thickness Tester,It is a device for measuring the thickness of textiles, knitwear and film, rubber, foamed plastic, and the like. It is used to accurately measure the thickness of various fabrics, leather, carpet, paper and other sheet products. The hand-held thickness tester has the characteristics of simple operation, intuitive reading, conveni ent carrying and wide application.
The pressure and diameter of the presser foot are also different depending on the different objects to be measured. In order to test various specifications of the object , the tester uses adjustable pressure foot and pressure weight.
The thickness tester is a common gauge for testing the thickness parameters of fabrics, textiles, etc., which measures the vertical distance between the test planes under the specified pressure and area. The range and accuracy of the digital display meter of the tester can be matched. The instrument is simple to use and has high test accuracy.

Standards compliant
ASTM D1777 Standard test method for measuring the thickness of textile materials;
GB/T 3820 Determination of the thickness of textiles and textile products;
ISO 5084 Textiles - Determination of the thickness of woven and knitted fabrics (except textile rugs);
JIS L1096 Test method for fabrics and knitted fabrics

Technical Parameters:
Test mode: manual
Presser foot diameter:¢8/¢11.3/¢25.3/¢50.5;
Measuring range:0-25MM/0-50MM/0-80MM/optional;
Power supply: no;
Weight: 75kg;
Appearance size: 00mmx200mmx300mm;