Fastener strength tester

G201 Fastener strength tester,It is used to check the fixing strength of fasteners and buttons,especially in the design and manufacture of infant and children's clothing. If the button is detached from the garment, the baby may be in danger of suffocation. This test item can limit the responsibility of the garment manufacturer to ensure that the fasteners, buttons and other accessories are properly secured to the garment.

It consists of Pliers with five claws , bottom fabric pliers and Imada push-pull force gauge. The fastener components are held by the concave clawless pliers and the garment is held by the bottom fabric pliers. By rotating the upper flywheel, the user can apply a fixed force and record the fixed force or breaking force. With clamps and accessories, the tester can
also test other fasteners, denim fasteners, four-hole fasteners and clothing accessories such as zippers, bow ties, decals, hooks, D-rings,and etc.

 The fabric with the fasteners and fixed parts should be placed on the bottom fabric pliers anvil and pulled down to ensure that the fabric has been compacted. The fastener is then clamped with a concave five-jaw clamp,applying a 17-pound (about 7.73 kg) pull force vertically, waiting for 10 seconds to release. If the fasteners can complete the test without being torn off, the fasteners can be considered to be safe.

Standards compliant
ASTM D7142-2/F963, CFR 1500, EN 71
PART1, GB 6675, ISO 8124, M&P P115A

Technical Parameters:
Test mode: manual
Test force:0-30Kg
Weight of the counterweight:15LB
Weight: 35kg
Power supply: NO
Appearance size: :25cmX30cmX85cm
Optional Accessories