Air-cooled light fastness tester

The tester adopts argon Xenon Lamp to simulate the control of optimal natural climate and sunlight and other experimental conditions to test the color and performance changes of textile dyes. It can also test the aging resistance of materials, can accurately test product life on the basis of ensuring good repeatability and reproducibility.

The tester simulates natural climate and artificial daylight with the xenon lamp by changing the temperature, humidity and spray, and is used for textile and dye color and performance change test. It can reliably simulate full-spectrum daylight and test the aging resistance of materials. The SI220 series is an air-cooled solar testing machine with light energy loop control, irradiation energy monitoring, humidity loop control, blackboard temperature loop control, multi-point energy monitoring, reliable ion-free water system, and combinations of different optical filters.

Through the test environment provided by the 2200w xenon lamp and ultrasonic humidification device, the tester can perform simulation test under different solar spectra and various climatic conditions, so as to achieve the stability of the test process and the high repeatability of the test results in a short time.

Standards compliant
AATCC TM16-2004、 AATCC TM169、ISO 105-B04、M&S C9、M&S C9A、GB/T 8427

Technical Parameters:
Operating mode: automatic
Exposure area:2310cm2
Optical filter: Replaceable optical filter
Irradiance control: 420 or 300-400nm select single point
automatic control, optional second point monitoring
Box temperature:25-100 ℃
Relative humidity control: automatic
Humidity range: bright period: 10-75%,
dark period 10-100%
Temperature control: automatic
Blackboard or black label temperature:
BPT 40-95 ℃ / BST40-100 ℃
Simultaneously control BPT or BST and tank t
emperature: standardBPT/BST
BPT/BST dual control: optional
Type of sample holder: two layers
Rotation speed of sample holder: 1RPM / adjustable
Test position: 38
Sample size:13.5cm×4.5cm
Humidity range (light cycle):20-85%
Irradiation intensity range (300-400nm):30-50W/㎡
Humidification: deionized water 0.12l/min
Sample spray: deionized water 0.7l / min / optional
Sample holder spray: deionized water 0.7l/min
Light source: 2200W air-cooled xenon lamp
Water tank capacity: 60L
Air flow:0.11m3/min
Power supply: 380V/220V 50Hz
Weight: 350kg
Appearance size: 800mmX800mmX1900mm