Scrub Abrasion and Washability Tester

The painted or uncoated surface need use a brush, sponge, scouring pad, sandpaper or other methods to test the resistance to scrub. The friction test can be carried out by adding a friction agent or a cleaning agent in a wet scrubbing manner. It is usually used in interior wall coatings, floor tiles, shower baths, and furniture.
 ASTM D1792;ASTM D2198;ASTM D2486;ASTM 3206;ASTM D3207;
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1、Make a uniform reciprocating linear motion by certain progress; with strong reproducibility
2、7-inch touch screen display, easy to operate; compact design
3、Using chain drive mechanism to ensure long-term reliable operation

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Scrub speed 6 to 60 Reciprocating / minute
The number of reciprocating Up to 100,000
Scrub test arm  can be placed up to 3 brushes or cushion bases, improves test efficiency
Test arm maximum load 4kg(8.8lbs)
The stroke length 28cm
Power supply AC220v 50Hz

Sample plate
power supply
Operation Manual
Scrub the test plate (please refer to the standard and the actual needs of the purchase.)