Luggage Zipper Reciprocating Fatigue Testing Machine

Product Introduction:
Zipper fatigue testing machine is used to test the travel luggage, backpack and various luggage zipper load times, that is, to test the zipper by a certain speed reciprocating pull resistance. The instrument tests whether the zipper can withstand the specified number of reciprocating pulling operations under horizontal and vertical tension. During the test, the machine drives the zipper head at a constant speed for 30 reciprocating motions per minute until the specified number of times.

Zipper fatigue testing machine is suitable for testing travel luggage, backpack and all kinds of luggage zipper durability and wear line, evaluate the quality of luggage zipper.

Technical Specifications:

Machine Size28 * 55 * 66cm
Test Angle30 °
PowerAC220V, 3 A
Angle Of Engagement60 °
Lateral clamping device width25mm
Counter Electronic Counter0 ~ 9999999
Distance between two clamping devices6.35mm 
Longitudinal clamping device total weight0.28 ~ 0.34 kg

Maintenance :Electronic Zipper Reciprocating tester zipper testing equipment

1. Clean: keep the machine clear, clean it with the cotton fabric before using, every time.

2. Rust resistance: spray a layer of rust-resistant oil on the metal part of the machine every week. (and clean it after 2 hours )

3. Lube: fill lube (common one) at the rotating part of the machine (screw) every month regularly.

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