US Whirlpool Heavy Duty Washer


AATCC 88B, AATCC 88C, AATCC 124, AATCC 130, AATCC 135, AATCC 142, AATCC 143, AATCC 150, AATCC 159, AATCC 172, AATCC 179, AATCC 188


AATCC standard Whirlpool washing shrinkage testing machine sonsists of the washer and dryer in two parts, and is specified as the standard AATCC shrinkage testing machine. The machine is used for testing the shrinkage or elongation of textiles after one or more times of washing, then the washing samples are graded to make care labels of garment, clothing and other.

Product Information:

Control system: Washer can provide better washing effect and accurate laundry temperature with agitator and water temperature control system; Dryer has sensing drying system, quiet drying system and cold air for crease-resist, can accurately control the drying time and provide an quiet environment with low noise.

Operating system: Touch panels, selections of programs, temperatures, water levels , temperature grades and water stages for choosen.


1. 10 laundry program (Regular, normal, bulky, delicate, soak,super wash, etc.).

2. Three options including extra rinse.

3. 4 load sizes or 4 water level selections.

4. 4 temperature selections.

5. Built-in quiet laundry system.

6. Xtra Roll action agitator.

7. Porcelain top and lid finish ensures anti-abrasion.

8. Double smooth porcelain drum.

9. Dual suspension system for self-balancing and stability.

10. Cover lock indicator light.

11. Automatic balance and correction Auto self-balance .

12. Water By Spray rinse .

13. Halfway to add Add garment .

14. Automatic cleaning chip fiber filter Auto self-cleaning lint filter .

15. Fabric softeners bar and bleaching water Fabric softener and bleach dispenser .


1. Dimension: 1095×685×675 (L×W×H)mm

2. Capacity: 10.5kg/23lbs

3. Laundry program: nine

4. Water temperature: 5 period

5. Water grade: 3 period

6. Washing method: rolling with agitator

7. Origin: Country of origin: USA

8. Power supply: 220 v / 50 hz


Optional accessories:

AATCC 1993 fluorescent detergent

AATCC standard increase with companion wash cloth, pens that do not fade after washing

AATCC standard shrinkage with dial gauge

AATCC standard print ruler