Wascator FOM 71 CLS Lab Washer - Extractor


ISO 5077/6330, M&S P1/P1A/P3A/P12/P91/P99/P99A/P13, BS EN25077/26330, NEXT TM7/7A/7B/TM12, GB/T 8629, IWSTM 31, IEC 456


The machine is a European standard shrinkage tester, has been the textile laboratory standard reference. It’s used to determine the fabric shrinkage and appearance after washing, full compliance with European standards and demands of the retailer's test requirements. Frequency control motor provides washing and speed control in the testing process.

Product Information:


1. Automatically added washing.

2. Continuous washing, dehydration, without stopping.

3. The super shakeproof system, fixed at the bottom, simple installation.

4. Precise volume control, each wash volume with deviation of ±0.2L.

5. Memory card could storage set programs and has import and export functions.


Items Parameters
External conditions Voltage/frequency: standard ±2%
Inlet water temperature, cold water: (15±2)℃
hot water(max): (60±2)℃
Water pressure: (240±50)kPa
Inner barrel Diameter: (520±1)mm
Depth: (315±1)mm
Volume: 61L
Material: stainless steel 2333(SS 18/8)
Outer barrel Diameter:554mm
Material: stainless steel 2333(SS 18/8)
Drum speed Washing speed: (20-59±1)RPM
Dehydration rate: (200-1100±20)RPM
Thermostat Optional scope: (4-97)℃
Precision: 1℃
Power supply 230V 3AC 50Hz/400-415V 3N AC 50Hz/415V 3N AC 50Hz
Airborne sound level 71 dB(A)
Dimension (L x W x H): 690mm x 720mm x 1315mm
Weight 195kg