Pneumatic Automatic Bursting Strength Tester


GB/T7742, FZ/T60019, ISO 13938.2, NEXT TEST METHOD 22:2006, WOOLMARK TM29 2000, EDANA 80.3-99, ISO 2758, ASTM D3786, JIS L108


For determining the bursting strength and distension of woven or knitted fabrics, nonwovens, paper and board by application of a pneumatic load under a rubber diaphragm of a specific area.

Product Information:


A. Test areas up to 100cm² can be accommodated;

B. Clamps with strong and uniform clamping force, can give suitable clamping for all kinds of materials;

C. PC online communication;

D. Several different specimen sizes can be accommodated allowing testing to most relevant standards;

E. Storage for 50 custom standards;

F. Multiple test results expressed, such as: burst intensity, bursting strength, diaphragm pressure, burst distension, burst time; easy to get the comprehensive performance for quality controller;

G. Safety hood is capable of detecting and calibrating automatically, meanwhile eliminates the effect of the rubber diaphragms.

Technical Parameters:

A. Pressure modes: barometric pressure;

B. Measuring range: 0-1000kPa, precision: 0.2%;

C. The down clamping ring: 7.3cm²、7.8cm²、10cm²、50cm²、100cm²;

D. Max distension: 70±0.02mm;

E. Pressurization rate:1-100kPa/min, adjustable;

F. Output form: display and print for output, real-time graphic, online communication;

G. Power supply: Ac220V 50Hz 2000W.

Instrument Configurations:

1. A host;

2. The down clamping ring set(pack of 5) ;

3. A package of burst test diaphragms;

4. A silent booster pump.