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Product Description

Universal Material Tensile Compression Testing Machine

Applicable Industries

Fast Delivery Parts Of Universal Testing Machine,Tensile Compression Testing Machine,Universal Testing Equipment can test various materials (both finished and semi-finished products ) of tensile strength ,compressive strength and elongation ,can do stripping ,tear strength ,flexural ,compression test and etc. It can connect up to the computer and display or printout the test times , test value , max. value , etc . Also it can make various report forms according to the requirements .

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Fast Delivery Parts Of Universal Testing Machine,Tensile Compression Testing Machine,Universal Testing Equipment is widely used in all kinds of hardware, metal, rubber and plastics, footwear, leather, clothing, textiles, insulators, wires, cables, terminals and other types of materials, testing, tensile, tear, peel,compression, bending, shear, three-point bending ... and other physical test performance. 

Technical parameters

Max capacity5,10,20,50,100,200,250kgf 500kgf 2T 10T can be setting
Induction method :Precision load cell (sensor)
Max. Load Capacity  :5000kg
Force Resolution/Accuracy:± 0.5%
Accuracy class :0.5
Test width400mm(Standard specifications
 special specifications can be customized)
Stroke Resolution:0.01mm
Machine Dimension  (W*D*H)800×530×1600mm (L*W*H) or Customized
Weight:About 65kg
Power :1 phase 220V 50Hz
PackingStandard Export plywood case
Displacement Control:Displacement encoder count with four frequency technology
So that the displacement of four times
 the resolution can up to 0.0005mm

Force system: servo drives + Servo motor + precision ball screw drive

Control system:Mechanical transmission + TM2101 + Pulse Command and Control System control

Measurement and Control System : TM2101 and control system; master controller uses the most advanced 32-bit ARM processor in the 21st century, the processing speed of the Pentium-class common computer standards, compared to the traditional 8 yuan SCM control system overall performance greatly improved, faster operation, control accuracy higher

Obtain data: The key components are used America's most stable and ultra-precision 24 yuan AD, sampling rate of up to 2000 times / sec, can capture the power of instantaneous change process, the entire file, regardless of the resolution of up to 1,000,000 indexing

Computer style ( can connect to computer ) controlled by computer Can print out the detailed curve graph of the test results

Universal Material Tensile Testing Machine.jpg

Following are Fixture samples, we can offer proper fixtures depends on your products

Software functions:

1. Use windows working platform, set all parameter with dialog forms and operate easy;

2. Using a single screen operation, do not need to change the screen;

3. Have simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English three languages,switch conveniently;

4. Plan test sheet mode freely;

5. Test data can be directly appeared in the screen;

6. Compare multiple curve data through translation or contrast ways;

7.With many units of measurement, the metric system and british system can switch;

8.Have automatic calibration function;

9.Have user-defined test method function

10.Have test data arithmetic analysis function

11. Have the function of automatic magnification, to achieve the most appropriate size of graphics

Corresponding Standard:

ASTM D903,F2258,GB/T 2790/2791/2792, CNS-11888,JIS K6854,GB/T 6329,BS EN 14410-2003,YY/T 0729,GOST 21751 and other standards.

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