Precision Fiber Microtome

The Precision Fiber Microtome/fiber slicer is used to cut fibers or yarns into very small cross-sectional slices for microscopic observation of their tissue structure for further inspection or research.

ASTM D2130, BS 2043, DIN 53811, ISO 137, IWSTM 24, IWTO 8-61

Product Information:
To produce fiber cross sections of varying thickness from 10 microns for microscopic examination, measurement and identification.
Width: 75 mm(3 inch); Depth: 150 mm(6 inch); Height: 100mm(4 inch)
Weight: 3 kg(6.6 lb)

Slicing method:

1. Turn the micrometer to the bottom;

2. Unscrew the two screws on the cover and remove the cover;

3. Pass the fiber through the small hole of the cover plate from below to expose a small section;

4. Tighten the screws on the cover plate, push the push plate to the side of the small hole, compress the fibers, and lock the nuts on the push plate;

5. Cut the fibers along the cover with a blade;

6. Turn the micrometer to reveal the required fiber thickness;

7. Drop collodion;

8. Use a blade to cut the fibers along the cover.