QuickSpin System

Product Information:
QuickSpin system consists of two independent testing units, the micro-Dust and Trash Analyzer and the QuickSpin Unit.

The Micro-Dust and Trash Analyzer processes raw cotton from the bale, tufts before carding and draw-frames slivers, it provides data relating to impurities - such as neps, seed-coat neps, trash, dust, and fiber fragment content.

By processing cleaned cotton ring provided by the Micro-Dust and Trash Analyzer, the QuickSpin Unit generates an OE yarn for further analysis, e.g. measurement of eveness, hairness, tensile strength, and elongation. When using a mixture with chemical fibers instead of pure cotton, the combination of Micro-Dust and Trasher Analyzer and QuickSpin system can even produce a blended yarn in laboratory scale.

Hence, the QuickSpin System allows to measure and to predict all physical fiber and yarn properties along the complete production chain of a spinning mill.