Textiles and Non-woven textiles Digital Thickness Gauge


ISO 9073-2, FZ/T 60004, GB/T 24218.2

Measuring Range: 0 - 10 mm / 0 - 0.4 inch (0 - 25mm / 1 inch optional)

Resolution: 0.01 mm / 0.001 inch

The Textiles and Non-woven textiles Digital Thickness Gauge can be used to determine the material thickness of non-woven fabrics, textiles, felts, geomaterials, paper, floor coverings, leather, foils, etc. The instrument does not meet the DIN, EN and ISO standards. The feeler shape and the pressure are corresponding to DIN EN ISO 5084 standards. This low-cost thickness gauge is suitable for quick comparison measurements.

Digital Thickness Gauge for Textiles and Non-woven textiles.jpg


  • Digital display with selectable units inch or mm

Available Models

ModelStandardApplicationFeeler ØFeeler
J-40-Tsimilar to DIN EN ISO 5084Textiles and Non-woven textiles50.42mm20 cm²1 kPA
J-40-Vsimilar to DIN EN ISO 9073-2Standard fleece56.42mm25 cm²0.5 kPA
J-40-Lsimilar to DIN EN ISO 53326
(New DIN EN ISO 2589)
Leather10mm0.785 cm²49.1 kPA
J-40-D1777-1ASTM D1777-1Woven, Knit, Textured Fabrics28.7mm1 in²4.14 kPA
J-40-D1777-2ASTM D1777-2Coated and Narrow Fabrics, Webbings, Tapes, Ribbons, Braids9.5mm0.110 in²23.4 kPA


Measuring Range0 - 10 mm
0 - 25 mm (OPTIONAL)
Resolution0.01 mm
Accuracy± 0.02 mm
Depth of Jaws40 mm
DisplayLCD 4 Digit, 8 mm tall
Dimensions103 x 65 x 145 mm (L x W x H)
Weight230 g (800 g) - net (gross)
Battery1 pc. CR2032 (3V Lithium Coin Cell)