Anti Synthetic blood penetration tester

Scope of application:
It is applicable to the resistance of the protective clothing to the synthetic blood penetration under different levels of test pressure.
Applicable Standards:
ASTM F1670;
ASTM F1671;
ASTM F903;
ISO 16603;
ISO 16604;
GB 19082;
YY/T 0689;
YY/T 0700;
Touch screen control panel with English interface.
Pre-setting pressure for synthetic blood.
Stainless steel sample holder provides solid sample holding.
working principle:
Under constant pressure, the synthetic blood was tested on the protective clothing material, and the penetration of blood was synthesized on the visual inspection material.
Sample preparation:
In the sample of each protective suit, 3 pieces (75*75) mm are randomly selected. When conducting the experiment on the composite or multi-layer materials, the edges should be sealed and the diameter shoud be kepted greater than 57mm for testing.
Instrument characteristics:
1. The instrument adopts the air source which can provide (0.5---30 + 0.1)kPa pressure to continuously pressurize the sample, and is not subject to the space limitation of the test site;
2. The range of air pressure can be set freely and set range (0.5---30)kPa;
3. Color touch screen display, Chinese and English operation menu, user can freely choose the language operation;
4. The sample surface is made of imported special aluminum profiles, with light material, smooth surface and never rust;
5. The instrument adopts imported special aluminum drawing panel with metal buttons;
6. The instrument is equipped with a sample automatic clamping device without manual clamping;
7. The test tank is equipped with special fixed device to facilitate customer operation;
8. The test tank is made of high quality 316 stainless steel, with high transparent and high intensity protective cover.
9. Square metal block: open space is more than 50%; Under 30kPa, the bending is less than 5mm;
10. The precision of instrument time control is less than 0. 1 second;
11. High quality metal baking paint is used for the whole machine shell.
Technical indicators:
1. Pressure range and measurement accuracy: 0 ~ 0.04MPa (4mH2O) (31.4kg) accuracy: + 1kPa.
2. Sample size: 75mm * 75mm, under pressure area: 28.26 square centimeters.
3. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 100W.