Medical Mask Differential Pressure Tester

Medical Mask Differential Pressure Tester or medical face mask breathability tester, is a lab testing instrument for determination breathability of medica face masks, the test principle is,  through measuring the differential pressure required to draw air through a measured surface area at a constant air flow rate, to test the air exchange pressure of the medical face mask material, which indicates the breathability of medical face masks.
Built-in water-filled differential manometer is used to measure the differential pressure, a mass flow meter is used for measurement of the airflow. An electric vacuum pump draws air through the medical mask breathability tester and a needle valve is used to adjust the airflow rate.
Medical face masks differential tester complies with standards like EN 149, EN 14683, ASTM F2100, MIL-M-36954C, GB 19083, GB 2626, YY/T 0969-2013.
EN 149, 
EN 14683, 
ASTM F2100, 
GB 19083, 
GB 2626, 
YY/T 0969-2013
Air source: Suction pump
Air flow: 8L/min
Sealing method: Mechanical face seal
Diameter for circular sample holder: Ф25mm
Differential pressure transducer:0-500Pa
Display: Digital display
Power supply:220 AC  50Hz
Dimension: 550mm×400mm×700mm
Net weight:  40 kg
Suction chamber air source to provide the pump.
High resolution differential pressure transducer with digital display for results.
Special sample holder to ensure holding sample