What is the instrument used to measure nonwoven thickness?

The Non-woven textiles Digital Thickness Gauge is specifically designed to measure the thickness of nonwoven materials by exerting a controlled pressure on the sample and then measuring the resulting thickness.

The thickness gauge consists of two flat, parallel surfaces or plates that are adjustable in distance. The nonwoven sample is placed between these two plates, and pressure is applied to compress the material. The compressed thickness is then measured using a dial indicator or digital readout on the thickness gauge.

Digital Thickness Gauge for Textiles and Non-woven textiles.jpg

The thickness gauge ensures accurate and standardized measurements of nonwoven thickness, which is an important parameter in determining the quality and performance of nonwoven materials in various applications, such as hygiene products, filtration media, and geotextiles.

Some points to keep in mind when using a Non-woven textiles Digital Thickness Gauge to measure nonwoven thickness:

1. Select an appropriate pressure: The pressure applied to the nonwoven sample should be consistent and appropriate for the material being measured. The pressure should not be too high, as this may damage or compress the material, or too low, as this may result in inaccurate measurements.

2. Take multiple measurements: To ensure accurate results, it is recommended to take multiple measurements at different locations within the nonwoven sample. This helps to account for any variations or irregularities in the material.

3. Use a reliable instrument: Ensure that the thickness gauge used for measuring nonwoven thickness is calibrated and properly maintained to provide accurate and consistent results over time.

4. Consider other factors: While nonwoven thickness is an important parameter, it should be considered in conjunction with other key properties such as basis weight, density, and porosity to fully characterize the material's performance.

Overall, measuring nonwoven thickness using a Non-woven textiles Digital Thickness Gauge is a critical part of quality control and product development in the nonwoven industry.